Oblique Clock


Abstract time, Exactly.

Materials: Maple, Laminate, Custom Mechanism, Digital Driver, Stepper Motor

Size: 48" (122cm) x 48" (122cm) x 5" (13cm)

Colours: Custom material and colour combinations available

The OBLIQUE CLOCK is part of a new series of works that keep time like Frenchmen keep mistresses; Artfully and with great precision.

By reinterpreting the exisiting elements of a clock face (hands and angles) this clock becomes a kinetic sculpture. Elegant geometry that evolves throughout the day, changing with each passing second to celebrate the fluid nature of time which has inspired it. Behind the clock face, the custom mechanical movements required to drive the piece were engineered from the ground up.

Created for Toronto’s 2010 Come Up To My Room design exhibition, the OBLIQUE CLOCK is part of a limited edition of 20 unique pieces.

Currently each piece in this series is priced at $3900.00 CAD. 
Time is money, and once we're out of time, you're out of luck.